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‘nice ball’ by paola pivi

italian born artist paola pivi has created ‘nice ball’, a lamp constructed from 80 miniatures representing the
iconic furniture designs from the collection of the vitra design museum. the small versions of chairs and tables
are arranged over metal frames creating a sphere that envelopes the light bulb within. when lit, the lamps project a
graphic pattern of silhouettes of the furniture, allowing the viewer to experience the vitra design classics in 2D and 3D format.


Design. Comfort. Pleasure. CAMPER.

A way to walk, a way to wear shoes. Amazing design, amazing colors, amazing stores. It`s impossible to be objective. Once you loved this brand, there`s no escape.

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‘bamboo steel chair’ by japanese studio nendo is a collaboration with the yii initiative,
whose art director is droog co-founder gijs bakker. run by the national taiwan craft research institute,
yii is concerned with the revitalization and development of taiwan’s traditional crafts skills and industries.


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french designers daniel pouzet and fred frety have created ‘nestrest’ an outdoor pod for contemporary brand, dedon.
the teardrop-shaped object, which sits on the ground or hangs from a tree provides users with a secluded sanctuary
that enwraps the body and shelters those within it. when suspended in the air, the organic module gently sways,
moving with the body or the wind. made from thick woven fibers, the pod – both contemporary and exotic in its aesthetic –
becomes camouflaged with its surrounding natural environment.

‘nestrest’ is on show phillippe starck and jean-marie massaud at dedon’s showroom in zona tortona for milan design week 2011.

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‘double side’ by paris-based designer matali crasset for italian brand danese is a versatile seat,

that with one simple gesture, becomes a work tool – the back of the object flips transforming into a small plane

which can be used as a working surface, for eating or just for play. on show at milan design week 2011,

the traditional and comfortable chair is constructed from a birch multilayer laminate in combination with felt.

here, crasset has designed the seat not as a fixed element dedicated solely to resting, but rather as an object

that allows an exchange between active and passive situations. it maintains familiar elements like its materials

and recalls familiar gestures like the one of bolts fixing together two positions together, in order to recreate a connection,

a closeness to the person. it is a reflection on a scenario of life in transformation, the product being a

physical transposition that derives from it.