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dutch practice seARCH has created ‘synagogue LJG’, a synagogue for the progressive jewish congregation in amsterdam.
riddled with symbolism of the jewish faith, the neutral rectilinear volume generates a simplistic outwards aesthetic which
conceals the building’s complex narrative and inverted sense of spatiality. drawing from both traditional and modern concepts,
the building seeks to create an environment that abstractly emulates the ideals and beliefs at the center of judaism.

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andrea claire studio is a new venture of andrea claire lighting, which has been producing custom lamps since 2004.
based in williamsburg, brooklyn, andrea claire studio started in 2010 to specifically develop and launch a new line of bespoke,
green lighting. ‘constantin’ is the first of several designs in development. merging the latest three-dimensional rendering technologies
with a commitment to hand-crafting techniques, the constantin line features a proprietary method of forming bamboo over metal frames
and armatures finished in brushed brass, satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze, or chrome. the studio will work closely with its clients to
produce chandeliers that meet specific size and finish requirements while drawing on the unique vocabulary of shapes, materials,
and the hanging systems it has developed.

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designboom was recently in paris where we had the opportunity to pre-view matali crasset’s HI MATIC hotel,
the most recent of her on-going collaboration with patrick elouarghi and philippe chatelet.
located in the young, creative district of rue charonne, where design, fashion, bookshops and organic restaurants rein,
the design of the urban eco-lodging facility seeks to establish a new dialogue between itself, the visitors and the neighborhood.

100% internet based, the hotel is void of all traditional concierge and staff members. a unique code provided at the time of reservation
gives access to the building and to computers where visitors check in, pay and receive their room key, all on their own.

the aim was to keep the hotel fuss free and simple. emphasizing this concept and approach further are vending machines –
located in the lobby and basement – where organic food, books, music and playful objects can be purchased 24 hours a day.

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the new puma house tokyo, located in the japanese city’s aoyama design district combines a press room
and event space into one open area. the interior design has been executed by japanese design studio nendo
who has made staircases a main structural theme throughout. within, these architectural elements are installed
around the existing features of the multipurpose area which is used for events, exhibitions, fittings, media events,
product launches etc. their use is not only for the purpose of climbing, but they also function as display areas
for puma sneakers.

the overall effect of seeing a labyrinth of staircases reminds us that we need to continuously exercise our bodies daily.
visually it also brings us back to puma’s relationship to sports and athletics. the placement of the staircases provide
a sense of movement throughout the interior, enabling a three-dimensional product display that fully uses its environment.

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‘100% box’ by bordeaux-based practice FABRE/deMARIEN architectes (julie fabre, matthieu de marien)
is a small, one-room residential dwelling in marseilles, france. converted from a single-level garage,
the 41m2 design consists of a multifunctional box unit that houses the private programs, such as
the bathroom and bedroom.

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japanese practice emmanuelle moureaux architecture + design has completed ‘sugamo shinkin bank’,
a credit union located in shimura, japan. the design, an offset volume of rainbow-like layers,
is the third branch designed by moureaux, with the first two located in tokiwadai and niiza.

stacked slabs in twelve saturated colors dominate the exterior facade and contrast the stark white panels
that enclose the building. looking to create a refreshing atmosphere with a palpable sense of nature,
the colors gently transition until they disappear into the sky. softly reflected onto the white surfaces,
the hues create a warm and diffused exterior which provide a sense of ease and solitude.
at night, the layers are faintly illuminated, varying in accordance to weather and the season.

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italian designer marco dessí‘s new stackable aluminum chair ‘dakar’ is a lesson in thoughtful, lightweight construction
created for skitsch. the backrest and back leg cover are formed from one metal sheet demonstrating the
stability and at the same time flexibility of the material. the backrest still gives way like a spring when one leans back.

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venice-based designer kostas syrtariotis presents ‘booktree’ at milan design week 2011 as part of the kidsroomzoom event.
exactly as the name indicates, the shelf takes on the shape of a tree in which its outreaching branches climb the wall,
providing space in which to store books and other small items. made from solid wood of either ash, ebony or tineo finishes,
the ‘booktree’ can be assembled in 10 minutes and is hung to the wall, supported by only two screws.
its overall dimensions measure H12 x L90 x W20 cm.

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