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We all know alkaline batteries are really bad for the environment if you don’t dispose of them properly. The right thing to do is send them to special recycling centers but hundreds of tons end up in landfills where their toxic innards seep into the earth. Perhaps a good solution is the Energy Seed, an LED lamp post powered by trashed alkaline batteries.

The idea is to encourage people to throw their batteries away into the Energy Seed. There’s a slot for nearly every size battery. The unit combines any left over juice from all the batteries to power a super efficient LED ring.

Of course once the bins are full, we’re left with the same original problem. Somebody has to collect all those spent batteries and recycle them.

Designer: Sungwoo Park & Sunhee Kim


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apanese designer kaori aoi creates home products under the moniker innocent blue.  driven by modernist optimism,
her designs feature novel ways of integrating more light into the home.  an oversized ring-turned-lamp,
‘ring light’, for instance, subverts expectations of scale as well as a diamond’s natural light source.

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andrea claire studio is a new venture of andrea claire lighting, which has been producing custom lamps since 2004.
based in williamsburg, brooklyn, andrea claire studio started in 2010 to specifically develop and launch a new line of bespoke,
green lighting. ‘constantin’ is the first of several designs in development. merging the latest three-dimensional rendering technologies
with a commitment to hand-crafting techniques, the constantin line features a proprietary method of forming bamboo over metal frames
and armatures finished in brushed brass, satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze, or chrome. the studio will work closely with its clients to
produce chandeliers that meet specific size and finish requirements while drawing on the unique vocabulary of shapes, materials,
and the hanging systems it has developed.

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five standing lamps– ‘face’, ‘vase’, ‘hat’, ‘chocolate pot’, and ‘candlestick’– and a finished edition
of the ‘arnolfini’ chandelier are among the new pieces in the artlight collection

designed by dutch design team studio job for italian artisan glass producers venini.

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the ‘100% suspended’ light is an extension of ross lovegrove ‘s   ‘100%’ lamp  designed for italian brand danese .
a new version of the lamp is shown at the danese booth on the milan fairgrounds.
the new light no longer uses an electronic, serigraphed ABS card. instead it features the same printed circuit
as the suspension lamp, which runs along the inner part of the lamp’s arm rather than the exterior
as in its earlier edition.

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