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the new puma house tokyo, located in the japanese city’s aoyama design district combines a press room
and event space into one open area. the interior design has been executed by japanese design studio nendo
who has made staircases a main structural theme throughout. within, these architectural elements are installed
around the existing features of the multipurpose area which is used for events, exhibitions, fittings, media events,
product launches etc. their use is not only for the purpose of climbing, but they also function as display areas
for puma sneakers.

the overall effect of seeing a labyrinth of staircases reminds us that we need to continuously exercise our bodies daily.
visually it also brings us back to puma’s relationship to sports and athletics. the placement of the staircases provide
a sense of movement throughout the interior, enabling a three-dimensional product display that fully uses its environment.

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Design. Comfort. Pleasure. CAMPER.

A way to walk, a way to wear shoes. Amazing design, amazing colors, amazing stores. It`s impossible to be objective. Once you loved this brand, there`s no escape.

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